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Nominated Startups

Startup Name Category Nominated By Actions
Acacia Innovations Ltd Energy NETFUND
Africa Data school Education Nestmetric
Africa's Pocket Finance C4DLAB
Afya plan Health Nailab
AfyaKit Health Media
Alternative Circle Finance Metta
Amitruck Transportation & Mobility C4DLAB
Angaza Elimu Education iBiz Africa
Arinifu Technologies Agriculture Media
Asilimia Finance C4DLAB
BLEM ENTERTAINMENT Media & Entertainment Nailab
Bentos Energy Energy Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)
BioAfriq Energy Limited Energy Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)
Bismart Agriculture iBiz Africa
Bunizuri Finance Bunizuri
Bwala Transportation & Mobility C4DLAB
Chanjo plus Health Media
Char Briq Solutions Energy NETFUND
Cherehani Africa Finance Metta
Chujio Ceramics LTD Energy NETFUND
Chura Finance C4DLAB
Cloud9xp Finance Media
ConnectMed Health Media
Coolclads Fashion C4DLAB
Corfresh Deliveries Agriculture Metta
CoverApp Finance C4DLAB
Dayat Captain Groceries Agriculture Hao Finder
Denkim Insurance Finance Metta
Direxions Kenya Ltd Finance Media
EFK Group (Eco Fuels Kenya) Energy Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)
Ecomoto Energy NETFUND
Ejenzi Other C4DLAB
Eko Biashara Finance MEST
Eldoret Leo Media & Entertainment EldoHub
Enda Athletic Other C4DLAB
Farmshine Agriculture C4DLAB
Farmula Agriculture C4DLAB
FlexPay Technologies Finance Chandaria Business Incubation Center
Fundis Other Nailab
GiG Media & Entertainment iBiz Africa
Gift Pesa Finance C4DLAB
Gobeba Finance C4DLAB
Hao Finder. Other Media
Hayvest Agriculture Nailab
Hud Hud Transportation & Mobility C4DLAB
IKO BRIQ LIMITED Energy Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)
Inteco Kenya Limited Health C4DLAB
Itesyl Technologies Agriculture iBiz Africa
JointPesa Finance C4DLAB
Julla Finance Nailab
Kyanda Finance C4DLAB
L'earnerApp LLP Education Media
Lentera Africa Agriculture Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)
Linkpal Bits Online Finance C4DLAB
Lipa Solutions Finance Sinapis
LudiqueWorks Gaming C4DLAB
Lynk Other C4DLAB
MAASAIDUKA Fashion Media
MAJIK WATER Energy Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)
MPost Other C4DLAB
MShule Education Metta
Marks Rate Ltd Finance Nailab
Medbit Finance Nailab
Mhogo Foods Limited Agriculture Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)
MyInsure Finance Media
Myfugo Innovations LTD Agriculture Media
Nurse-In-Hand Health iBiz Africa
OkoaCredo Finance Nailab
Onesha Education iBiz Africa
Ongair Other iBiz Africa
Pawame Energy Nailab
Plusfarm Agriculture EldoHub
Pomilly East African Limited Agriculture C4DLAB
Property Lit Finance Metta
Rafode Renewable Energy Energy Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)
Risiti Finance C4DLAB
SafariWiz Mobility Solutions Transportation & Mobility Hao Finder
Safi Organics Agriculture Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)
Sakal Africa (Heri Online) Finance iBiz Africa
Sauti Africa Limited Agriculture C4DLAB
Savanna Circuit Tech Agriculture Media
Save Kubwa Finance Media
Shamba Records Agriculture NetBizImpact
SheriaSoft Other C4DLAB
Silmak Agencies Health Nailab
Simple-sellable Solutions Finance C4DLAB
Solar E-Cycles Kenya Energy C4DLAB
Solar Freeze Agriculture Media
Sproutfy Education C4DLAB
Stovity Finance Sinapis
Sure Corporation Transportation & Mobility Village Capital
Sweet and Dried Agriculture NETFUND
TIBU Health Health Village Capital
Taimba Ltd Agriculture Media
Tanda Africa Finance Media
Tech Kidz Africa Education Swahilipot
Tulaa Finance MEST
Tutorgram Education Metta
Two4one App Ltd Other Media
UTU Technologies Other C4DLAB
Uamuzi App Other NetBizImpact
Usafi Comfort Energy Gearbox
WazInsure Finance Nailab
Wazi Health C4DLAB
Yusudi Limited Education Metta
Zuhura Solutions Energy Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)
Zydii Education iBiz Africa
ecobodaa Transportation & Mobility C4DLAB
fundis Other fundis
mkulimaTODAY Agriculture NETFUND
sasaKazi Education EldoHub
We supply eco-friendly and cost-saving cooking and fuel solutions for schools and small businesses. We manufacture and distribute Kuni Safi briquettes, a nearly smokeless alternative to charcoal and firewood made of sugarcane waste, and affordable Kuni Safi cookstoves.
Africa data school is a 12 week Intensive training for a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning
Africa’s Pocket is a personal finance company that builds online courses and tools to equip you to create the life you want. We take 15+ years of investing experience, and filters this through the lens of human psychology to create highly actionable, easily implementable roadmaps to wealth. Our flagship course takes you step-by-step, over 6 weeks, from identifying your goals to understanding precisely how to achieve them (including the psychology and systems to ensure you stick to the plans). If you’re looking to take control of your finances, and want a simple, jargon-free way to make sound investments and create the life you want, your journey begins here.
Afya-Plan is an e-health start-up that provides a group-savings platform to help micro-savings groups pool resources to meet the cost of healthcare for themselves and their families.
Social venture start-up, focused on improving health outcomes by providing actionable in-facility data to health sector players across Sub Saharan Africa. They have analytics tool that enables decision making for health managers.
Alternative Circle founded by Kevin Mutiso,30, (CEO) built a microlending app - SHIKA, that delivers loans to a users mobile money account in less than 30 seconds.
We are bringing trust and transparency back to transport by connecting our clients directly to our large network of motor bikes, pick ups, vans and trucks.
"Angaza Elimu is an EdTech enterprise primed to transform education across Kenya and beyond by addressing the problem of inefficient classrooms and inadequate quality educational material."
Arinifu is a tech company that aims to enhance farming in Kenya and Africa through technological innovation and making it accessible to both low and high-income farmers.
Asilimia allows MSME’s to make transaction free mobile money payments and provide access to financial services such as insurance.
An AI based app that empowers diabetics with the personalized knowledge and tools that they need to self-manage their condition and live a long, healthy life free of complications. is a web-based deejay platform that allows one to get quality Deejay service at your budget. this is the most efficient, convenient and most affordable entertainment platform.
we recycle waste biomass into affordable smokeless charcoal briquettes and organic fertilizer which we sell to low and middle income earners whose problem is high cost of cooking fuel and artificial fertilizers.
Fabricates pellet fired dehydrators for drying farm produce, institutional smokeless pellet fired cook stoves with savings of up to 50% and manufactures biomass pellets fuels.
Bismart is an online insurance platform that allows customers to compare benefits and price from over 10 insurance companies on a single page, it also allows customers to buy and claim through
Unlocking economic value in the artisan sector through a gifting choice platform that allows companies to treat their customers and employees to their choices of unique gift sourced from makers and thus provides visibility to the informal sector’s entrepreneurial potential.
Bwala Africa Logistics ( Bwala Africa Group Limited) is an emerging markets Crowdsourcing logistics marketplace focusing on last mile order fulfilment
CAPTURE Solutions™ provides unique and throughout B2B ICT applications to companies & organisations in need to re-organize and streamline their working processes. Our speciality is to come up with tailor made solutions in specific defined processes. In order to accomplish this we also select or create very unique hardware devices that are specific for the tasks requested.
Chanjo Plus's goal is to eliminate vaccine preventable child mortality,morbidity and disability for children 0-5 years by tracking vaccine defaulters through mobile technology.
we produce both carbonized and non-carbonized briquettes for domestic and industrial use: We are seeking to expand our production capacity and have our own transportation trucks to help maintain a stable supply of briquettes to meet the local demand of both types of briquettes
Cherehani Africa is a social enterprise that leverages mobile technology to provide credit and to distribute personalised financial information to women and teenage girls who own micro-enterprises in rural and underserved markets in Kenya. Customers are members of locally registered groups of between 10-25 members who come together based on their business type and proximity. The app combines an owner’s platform with a team of field officers who are tasked with building trust, resolving problems and ensuring value for our customers. The goal is to build thriving communities by providing the right financial tools to the financially excluded.
hujio Ceramics designed and rolled out production of the first mass produced ceramic insulated wood stove in Kenya. We are currently focusing on scaling up and increasing our production capacity and reducing our delivery timelines. The success of Our charcoal stoves a household name all over Kenya is a model to be replicated all over Africa. We are currently working to have the wood stove become another success story in Kenya, the East African region and eventually the whole of Africa.
Chura is a start-up that aims to ease interoperability across the different networks. Kenya is a multi-SIM environment and each mobile network operator has its own
Cloud9Xp help leisure seekers to discover and book the best tours and activities, at the best prices, across Africa.
ConnectMed is leapfrogging traditional health delivery by providing an in-pharmacy primary care service that harnesses telehealth, POC diagnostics, & machine learning.
Coolclads offers you the latest genuine and original clothes, shoes and garments at an affordable price. Delivery is also available at cheap rates for those who are located far from our headquarters here in Nairobi.
Designed to reduce your admin workload you'll never have to worry about your office milk delivery again. It's easy to cancel, amend or suspend deliveries.
CoverApp is an Insurtech solution that allows clients to access & purchase insurance on-the-go.
DAYAT CAPTAIN GROCERIES integrates Fresh Food farmers who practice organic farming onto one platform for ease of produce storage, marketing, distribution and sales conversions across Kenya
By using our wallet, customers can buy insurance policies from various insurers and pay for them via integrated mobile money payment. Our portal interconnects all entities in the insurance value chain and provides a distributed ledger to be accessed by all entities thus minimising fraud. Our platform enables users to save money in the wallet and use it to pay for the premium at renewals.
Direxions Kenya is a new age tech company operating in the online digital segment in Africa. The company aims to redefine the e-commerce space in Africa with its unique and novel online retail platform
EFK Group produces a briquette made from the husks of croton nuts to be used as a clean energy in cookstoves and furnaces. We are doing R&D on croton pellets.
The company offers onsite wastewater treatment and recycling systems, that solve the problem of lack of access to clean water and sanitation, especially in urban centers.
The Ecomoto stove runs on a clean and smokeless concept that makes it a viable substitute to burning biomass fuels such as wood, crop waste and dung, which tend to cause significant indoor air pollution.
Ejenzi is an online marketplace that brings together vendors of construction materials on the same platform for convenience and ease of access by buyers.
Eko Biashara provides micro and small enterprises with a solution to track their daily transactions and payments. Eko Biashara then automates their accounting, record keeping, inventory management, payment and collection reconciliation, and financial reports, through a web and mobile app.
Eldoret Leo is your daily go-to blog for the latest Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Business news in and around Eldoret. Let's celebrate the home of champions.
We're producing the first made in Kenya running shoes that espouse the spirit of running from the home of running champions. Our first product is a light weight trainer that features a low 4mm drop, a slightly wider toe box to allow for natural toe splay, a light weight upper and a full rubber outsole. We have completed our first production run and are taking pre-orders for the next run.
Farmshine operates a global agriculture platform where farmers, buyers and service providers can trade on mutually beneficial terms. We connect each actor in the value chain on a fully transparent platform, beginning with the farmers, who are provided with a digital identity and fully traceable record of transactions. Each activity is recorded, including the quantity and quality of the crops delivered at harvest as well as the successful repayment of loans. Much like a CV or credit score, this enables farmers to build a reputation among buyers and service providers, and thereby increase their access to better market opportunities.
Farmula is improving the agro-produce supply chain in Africa by making farmers earn more and buyers spend less.
Flexpay Technologies offers the public a platform where they can make gradual payments over a period of time for a variety of goods from different commodity providers through mobile money services. With agreements with different commodity suppliers, the company allows for a flexible payment plan until the payment is complete and the client can fully access the items they have been paying for.
Fundis is an online P2P platform that connects customers with vetted and reliable craftsmen in Kenya. It provides an avenue for revenue generation for the highly fragmented semi-formal work sector through their mobile while at the same enabling customers to access competent, vetted and reliable specialists’ services at their convenience with a quality work guarantee.
GiG is an Event Management Platform ( to help event organizers have an easy time managing their events. We help the organizers manage Event Registration, RSVPs & On-site Registration
This is a gifting management system that aims to transform how gifting is done in Africa. eVoucher provides a seamless platform for people and businesses to gift loved ones and customers. We have revolutionized the tedious process of gifting to be simple, seamless and personalized. You no longer have to carry physical vouchers or even struggle to activate expired vouchers.
GoBEBA is an on-demand ordering and delivery service for your daily needs. GoBEBA was born out of a strong desire to make the lives of people easier. From peering through traffic to having multiple responsibilities at home and work, our lives have never been so complex. In such times GoBEBA is your convenience partner; working hard to simplify your life!
Enables easy access to Housing and Accommodation services leveraging on technology especially Mobile App and web app
Hayvest is a revolutionary Africa agricultural marketplace ecosystem that focuses on quality produce and service delivery to both the farmers, labourers and consumers. At Hayvest , our core aim is to create a platform where farmers, consumers and service providers can be inter-connected seamlessly using cutting edge technology.
ud Hud facilitates the exchange of value between students and vehicle owners. We are basically connecting these two important players and our duty is to ensure that both parties are happy. To ensure that quality, convenience, safe and stellar transport services are provided, both players have to match with Hud Hud beats. For the platform to succeed, the vehicle owner must monetarily benefit. Likewise, the consumer (students/parents/ride-sharers etc), should always be happy with the services for the platform to succeed.
Iko Briq is currently implementing a pilot for pellets and gasifier in Kakuma town and kakuma refugee camp in conjunction with SNV. We have a pellet manufacturing machine with a capacity of 6 tonnes per day located in our Nairobi plant. We distribute both institutional and domestic cook stoves(gasifiers) that are tier4 and reduce indoor air pollution by 90%. Iko Briq manufactures 100% saw dust biomass briquettes using state of the art briquetting press from RUF(Germany) We manufacturer biomass pellets out of 100% saw dust biomass.
Inteco works in the menstrual hygiene ecosystem and focuses on the distribution and supply chain management of donated sanitary pads to adolescent girls in schools. The company secures the value chain by ensuring that sanitary pads are being used by the intended user, and create cheaper systems for accountability and monitoring by installing sanitary pads dispensers in schools, where students can get pads using near field communication (NFC) cards.
The advancement of mobile banking and payment solutions is reducing the need for tellers and clerks. Long queues are now a thing of the past. Further, more financial services consumers are adopting mobile banking or wallets. At the centre of this revolution is data.
Jointpesa is a realtime mobile money escrow service provider. With JointPesa you can buy and sell anything safely without the risk of chargebacks. Truly secure payments. Jointpesa objective is to eliminate online fraudsters by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds and only disburses funds when both Buyers and Sellers are satisfied. Thus creating trust in business and promoting E-commerce growth.
Julla is a digital point of sale financing, that allows you to buy your favorite items now, and pay when you are ready
Kyanda allows customers to Send money to MPESA for free and convert your excess airtime into cash instantly, safely and at low costs.
Provide a digital mobile platform that enables the African youths, to trade-off their knowledge-based; documents, audios, and videos.
Lentera is a farming technology company enabling farmers in Africa adapt to climate change through climate smart farm inputs. They believe that innovation in farming has a role to play in ensuring food security and prosperity. The company's portfolio of products ensures well nourished and drought resilient plants translating to higher yield.
Linkpal Bits Online is an interactive web-based platform that seeks to integrate desires and preferences of everyone by enhancing seamless connectivity. We hook up entrepreneurs, institutions, mentors, coaches, shoppers, donors; virtually all of suppliers and service providers in view of their interests and needs.
Many businesses send out bills via SMS. Lipa Solutions makes these actionable by allowing mobile money users to reply to the SMS to trigger the payment process.
e are a Video Game Publishing Company that seeks to change the way people play in Africa while offering an avenue for people to tell unique African stories. We are the fastest growing game publisher, aggregating game developer studios and gaming communities in 30 African countries
Lynk is a recruiter that connects domestic workers, fundis, artisans, and blue-collar professionals with employers in Nairobi.
A social enterprise brand that seeks to connect clients with the thousands of village, slums and refugees artisans products who live in vulnerable conditions, in order to boost their development and contribute to their well-being.
We are harvesting clean drinking water from air in arid and semi arid areas in Kenya. We have developed a prototype that harvest 10 liters of water in 24 hours in relative humidity of 55%
MPost means Mobile Post office. It enables any mobile phone user to have his or her phone act like a mobile post office. It allows you to make your mobile number be a formal postal address. With it, you get access to Postal Services through your mobile phone.
M-Shule is an affordable, SMS learning and data management platform, helping primary school students build 21st century skills through personalised lessons, powered through AI.
Marks Rate is an online peer to peer lending that finances small businesses on purchases or contracts by raising the funding required through the general public without the need for collatera
Medbit is a mobile platform for patients to search, book and pay for doctors, specialists, facilities, healthcare services and institutionalized care in real time.
Mhogo Foods is a company that adds value to the cassava crop by processing it into affordable gluten-free flour, cassava crisps and cassava starch
Myinsure is an insurance technology company providing solutions to improve efficiency in the customer acquisition cycle, policy management and claims reporting.
Myfugo is a web platform that gives precise data-driven insights on dairy reproductive cycles to accurately predict an estrus event resulting in successful lactations, increased calving and higher milk yield over a cow’s lifetime. It offers health insights and information from experienced veterinarians leading to preventive and timely disease interventions. Dairy farmers are able to get actionable insights and recommendations to boost productivity, animal health and improved income.
This is a mobile and web application that geo-maps the accident and emergency response ecosystem of Kenya and activates the platform to alert the registered paramedics within geo-mapped radius, ambulance and air rescue services available, police stations, and classified hospitals, which are equipped with blood-banks, ICUs and Theatres, within the vicinity. To reduce the distance and response time, the paramedics are located in Emergency Care Centres within geo-mapped locations, equipped with life-saving GPS-tracked Emergency Kits.
Okoa Credo uses AI to provide airtime savings to African consumers. The system helps save over 40% by providing information on spending, cheaper airtime, and cheaper airtime loans.
Onesha is a freelance marketplace for Africa's top creatives where businesses get access to a vetted and skilled pool of creatives at an affordable cost.
Ongair is a service that lets businesses communicate with their audiences using WhatsApp and other Instant Messaging apps.
Pawame brings together solar and mobile technology to provide affordable, clean and bright energy to off-grid population in Kenya. Pawame’s solution and mission is a pay-as- you-go Solar Home System that enables customers to (a) immediately benefit from clean and affordable electricity, while (b) building a credit history that can unlock access to other life-changing products and services, like scholarship loans and micro-insurance.
We provide small and middle income farmers with business modeling services for their farms and turning their farms to successful business entities. Interacting with farmers has exposed to us the huge technology gaps in the industry in Kenya and as part of boosting Agriculture in the region we are turning farms to profitable businesses. We are exploring the technology gap and are introducing innovative technologies to fit the local farmers.
Food Waste management,we recycle food waste waste into organic fertilizer, medicine and clothes. We aim to reduce waste and avoid pollution.
The main aim of Property Lit is to upgrade informal settlements by bridging microfinance, urban policy and smart technology to link prospective developers to investors
Rafode works with the rural poor and the urban slums to enable them access credit to buy improved cookstoves for their domestic and commercial use. We have partnered with Burn Manufacturing who supply us the cook stoves and we disburse to our clients who intern pay for them in installment for a period of time while using the cook stoves. Through this program we have enabled many poor clients to access this energy saving cook stoves who other wise could not afford to buy them by cash.
Risiti is a mobile application that rewards shoppers for sending photos of their receipts. Brand can create the most effective trade promotion quickly. While shoppers get rewarded instantly, we analyze purchase data and enable brands to act on real insights.
A GPS based Mobile Application suite for Route Hazard information sharing and access to emergency Services, realtime at a click of a button.
We use technology to downsize and decentralize fertilizer production, making it feasible to implement on a village-level basis using locally available resources and labor. This reduces the logistical cost and produces a high-quality product that, at the same price as conventional fertilizers, can improve farmers’ yields by up to 30%.
"Heri online is a goods and services e-commerce platform that delivers Bulk monthly shopping to homes and offices at a wholesale rate. # 1 and only online wholesale in Kenya. It is fully compliant with GOK requirements. "
Sauti provides mobile-based tools and platforms for simplifying access to information on trading procedures, market information, and voicing incidents of corruption and harassment.
Savanna Circuit manufactures and distributes last mile mobile solar milk chillers made of natural refrigerants to cut on energy refrigeration costs and minimize on dairy post harvest losses in developing countries while cutting down on heat loss that contribute to global warming.
Deploys the use of technology to solve the challenges faced by user trying to buy and manage motor insurance in Kenya.
Shamba Records is a decentralized ledger that runs on Blockchain, the ledger stores Farmer’s records, identify the farmers for resource allocation and issue credit to farmers.
SheriaSoft is a cloud-based software that caters to small and medium-sized law firms. It’s one of the ‘Big Four’ in Kenyan legal software along with WakiliCMS, E-Wakili and document assembly app Uwakili.
Silmak agency is an impact company manufacturing end to end menstrual hygiene products from cotton sanitary pads to sanitary pad vending machines and building materials made from recycled plastics
Actionable sms billing system. Sends you a scheduled bill reminder and provides an option to pay by responding to the sms or by clicking a link in the sms, all web applicationsdevelopment.
Solar E-Cycles Kenya is a member of International group of companies dedicated to providing sustainable mobility and access to affordable energy across Africa. We design and assemble light electric solar-powered tricycles. Our organisation aspires to provide rural off-grid communities with affordable access to sustainable mobility and renewable energy.
Solar Freeze help smallholder farmers effectively deal with postharvest loss through a holistic approach from storage to transportation and selling produce by using renewable energy from the farm gate though mobile solar powered cold rooms to the transportation of fresh produce via energy efficient trucks and finally to the end consumer who mainly include bottom of the pyramid clients in towns and cities who will benefit from reduced prices of food and better nutrition from our innovation .
Sproutfy is an education technology platform that drives student excellence by enhancing collaboration between parents, teachers and administrators through the automation of student learning and administrative activities.
Stovity is an e-commerce platform that helps small and medium enterprises create an impactful online store by reducing the setup cost and increasing sales through the online channel.
Our flagship service is Safiri Express, a reliable, affordable and pre-booked shuttle service. We create our routes based on demand and activate estates and business districts.We offer point to point connections in our spacious, wi-fi enabled inventory.
Immense post-harvest losses of fruits, vegetables and root crops experienced by small scale farmers in Tharaka Nithi has led to increased food insecurity and poverty levels. Ensuring foodand nutrition security in Kenya is, therefore, a critical challenge. In an effort to bridge the gap between production and marketing, S&D has developed an innovative approach and unique model that focuses on adding value to agro-produce through solar drying of fruits and vegetables.
TIBU connects you to doctors and clinical officers in real time. They deliver care in the comfort of your home. Stop wasting your time in traffic and waiting rooms.
Taimba has been working with rural small holder farmers to ensure they access consistency in market, fair prices by shortening the agriculture supply chain.
Tanda Africa is a Fintech startup that turns your everyday neighbourhood shop into a one stop shop for digital financial services.
We are nurturing the spirit of silicon valley to kids in Africa by designing and coaching them in technology and character development
Tulaa uses mobile technology and artificial intelligence to provide access to credit, inputs, training and buyers to smallholder farmers in Africa.
Tutorgram is an online learning platform that provides short online courses in Business, Engineering, Science and Technology.A student needs to sign up, create a profile and start learning.
Uses Blockchain to help businesses improve customer experience by enhancing loyalty, engagement and user value.
UTU’s Trust API seamlessly serves up personalized recommendations for trusted service providers on sharing platforms to drive your conversion, satisfaction, retention, and viral acquisition
It’s a platform that simplifies how the citizens engage with their leaders, government and policy makers in discussions and decisions based on the needs of the community, from the ward level to the National Level.
An onsite wastewater management solutions provider for the Eastern Africa Market. We've partnered with global engineering research and product development companies to develop, manufacture and distribute water-saving devices and wastewater recycling products that are uniquely suited to the Eastern Africa Market.
WazInsure is an insurtech that connects customers with insurers through both online and offline applications. It manages the entire insurance value chain from underwriting to claims-making in
Wazi is a digital mental health service in Nairobi, Kenya. We connect you with therapy services over your phone.
Yusudi is a social enterprise bridging the skills gap between youth and the labour market by offering unique service package which includes skills training and on-the-job support.
Zuhura Solutions (Nairobi, Kenya) for its “Halisi Trolley” — a transportable solar-powered street food vending trolley, fitted with a solar panel, lithium battery, tamper-proof AC and DC charging system, mobile phone charging component, and an interface that can monitor both the temperature of the trolley to the precise location of the Trolley itself.
Zydii is a platform connecting you with online courses tailor-made for Africans to help you live a better life. At Zydii we believe that every African deserves to live their best life. Everybody deserves to succeed. We can all learn from our own people who have made it. you can take the courses on any device, Desktop, mobile and use money like Mpesa among others to purchase a course and start learning.
Ecobodaa's mission is to reduce urban CO2 emissions, motorbike riders disorderliness, and cost of owning a motorbike by reducing the cost through offering electric motorbikes on a lease to own credit model through daily or weekly repayments. According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 70% of bodaboda riders in Kenya do not own the motorbikes. They are employed. Most of them do not qualify for loans from banking institutions and do not have means of purchasing the motorbike which costs USD 1,000 on average. Our idea came from a business model which we have been studying & testing for close to 5 months using our fleet of 37 lease to own petrol powered motorbikes. We plan to replicate this model for the ecobodaa. A bodaboda rider makes an average of USD 10 daily. Being employees, they have to pay the owner USD 5 and pay fueling expenses of USD 3 on avarage daily. This means they take home a paltry USD 2. With ecobodaa, we are able to more than double the income of the rider while achieving zero CO2
FUNDIS is a mobile and web based solution that connects households and firms to competent, vetted and highly trained local service providers like carpenters, electricians ete.
MkulimaTODAY is all about boosting your productivity on the farm as a farmer by use of the best agribusiness practices. Defining modern farming for the 21st century farmer. Agribusiness TIPS & ADVICE
Job matching and Educational platform targeting youth with the aim of preparing them to benefit from the opportunities emerging ICT industry offers and close the skills gap in the job market. we provide STEM education, job matching, and Digital work.